When life ends for me I just want to be known as one of the dopest Film Directors to ever fuck your brains!


Toxic (Feat. Danny Brown) - Childish Gambino

Me and a Jehovah Witness.

So this annoying Jehovah Witness always knocks on our door 20 times every two weeks forcing people to take his Watchtowers. I finally got tired and open the door and it went something like this…

Jehovah Witness: Good Morning Brotha. Would you like to hear the great word of Jehovah.

Me: No Thanks. I belong to the Church of Deez.

Jehovah Witness: What’s the Church of Deez? Who do they worship?

Me: They Worship DEEZ NUTS! (Closes The Door).

I win at life Today.

P.S: I’m not insulting anybody’s Religion. This guy was an asshole and he’s not coming back anytime soon.


Don’t you hate when you can’t masturbate in public? Well then this is the product for you! 


New skit! hehe

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